Other Services

Besides the creation of original worlds, designed for you, or the leasing of space in my ready-made worlds, I am pleased to provide several, other services.

Consulting Services

Stuck on something?  Is there something about the setting of your story that you just can’t figure out how to improve?  Just need someone to bounce some ideas off of?  I’m here for you, for as much or as little help as you need.

Want to see about setting something up?  Let’s set something up.

Story Fragments

Lying around, here and there, on various scraps of paper and stray bits of electronic data, are the seeds of lots of worlds that are just itching to have stories told in them.  Sadly, not every one of these ideas will become a realized world.  But now you, for just a few pennies a day, can save one of these ideas.

But seriously, I’ve got quite a few of these little things, ranging from children’s settings to more sophisticated worlds.  Many of them are just a description of a scene, or a few teaser sentences.  I’ll never do anything with them, so I’d love to see them go to a good home (for a small adoption fee, of course).

If you’d like to know more about what I have available, let me know.

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