Ready-Made Worlds

So just what is a “ready-made world,” anyway?  Simply put it is a world of my own—a world that I wanted to see made, and see stories told in.  I don’t have the desire or the patience to write any stories that take place in these worlds of mine, but I’ve had a great deal of fun over the years creating them.

At the moment I have two, different worlds all ready to go.  Here are some details about them.

The New Terran Alliance and the Zll Wars

Science Fiction

This is an “evolving” world, meaning that it has a temporal scope during which many different periods can be examined, and stories told.  It covers approximately 2,500 years into the future from the “present” time (when humans come onto the scene), and has a theoretical structure that can reach many thousands of years into the past, depending on how enterprising the potential author wishes to be.  The greatest attention has been paid to the political group known as the New Terran Alliance, and to the “modern era” (the latter ~400 years in the time line).

Materials available for this world include:

  1. time lines

  2. cultural details for several human and alien political units

  3. planetary system and galactic maps

  4. numerous technological details

  5. orthographical drawings of a variety of spacecraft

  6. detailed information on the military of the New Terran Alliance

As this is an ongoing world of mine (I’ve only been working on it, in one form or another, for over fifteen years), I will be adding to it all of the time.

Tales of the Inland Sea and the Known World


This is a “freeze-frame” world, meaning that there is no evolution on the temporal front.  On the other hand it is a very large world, for pre-technic cultures, and being a fantasy setting logical evolutions of culture and technology can be ignored (though I have a plausible explanation for it, in the frame work of the world).  In Earth-equivalency the setting is late-Medieval to mid-Renaissance.  It is not set in a world that is supposed to be an alternate Earth, as the planet bears characteristics that are completely un-Earthly.

Materials available for this world include:

  1. extensive cultural details for human or semi-human seven kingdoms

  2. a map of the known world

  3. religious information

  4. a historical time line

  5. sketches

  6. lots of miscellaneous notes

This is a world which is—for all intents and purposes—complete.  That being said, the setting is essentially one landmass, which means that there is an entire planet to be explored, thus setting the stage for the locales available to expand quite a bit.

(This world is for sale, if there should happen to be anyone who would like to buy the exclusive rights to it.)

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